Energy Saving

Energy Saving can help people save money on their energy bills by:

  • Connecting people with sources of help
  • Raising awareness of what people can do to help themselves and families and friends pay their fuel bills
  • Focusing on helping vulnerable people, but at the same time looking to help those not usually classified as ‘vulnerable‘ who are having trouble help paying their energy bills
  • Helping people and communities prepare for winter
  • Encouraging people to Check, Switch and Insulate to help deal with energy bills
  • Providing lasting benefits and a legacy of energy saving for the future.

We can assist you with providing grant forms, helping you to complete the forms to maximise your earnings and offer general advice and support on debt, welfare benefits and employment laws.

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The UK Government schemes provide funding to households on certain benefits to improve their heating and energy efficiency. In England the scheme is known as Warm Front. The Warm Front Scheme is now accepting new applications. Get more information and details of the eligibility criteria at the DirectGov website.

Although Warm Front is the main scheme for replacing insulation and heating measures – such as replacing old boilers – there may be other local schemes available. For loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, there are still plenty of schemes available, which may be free if you are over 70 or in receipt of benefit.

Energy suppliers

The government’s Energy Efficiency Commitment (EEC) has been replaced by the Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT). This means energy suppliers with a certain number of customers operating in Great Britain are obliged to achieve targets for improving home energy efficiency.

The suppliers therefore provide a range of offers which significantly reduce the cost of installing energy efficiency measures. What’s more, you can take up offers from any of the energy companies, regardless of who supplies your gas and electricity.

Energy Saving Tips

• Install a programmable thermostat to lower utility bills and manage your heating and cooling systems efficiently.
• Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle.
• Turn things off when you are not in the room such as lights, TVs, entertainment systems, and your computer and monitor.
• Plug home electronics, such as TVs and DVD players, into power strips; turn the power strips off when the equipment is not in use — TVs and DVDs in standby mode still use several watts of power.
• Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120°F.
• Take short showers instead of baths and use low-flow showerheads for additional energy savings.
• Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.
• Air dry clothes.
• Check to see that windows and doors are closed when heating or cooling your home.
• Drive sensibly; aggressive driving such as speeding, and rapid acceleration and braking, wastes fuel.